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Rohnert Park – Hana Japanese Restaurant

Yep, I’m going there. I’m “reviewing” a restaurant twice. I already raved about Hana here in this blog entry, but I wanted to show you guys another meal!

I was in desperate need of sushi this past weekend, so I went by myself to Hana. Dana wasn’t there to stop me from ordering all the specials, so I did a little damage. And it was so worth it. I didn’t even get a spicy tuna hand roll this time! Just all amazing nigiri. This visit, Taka was nice enough to brush soy sauce on for me, except for the golden eye snapper. If you have the choice to have soy sauce brushed on for you when you go out for sushi, opt in! And DO NOT dip, if you have this done!

  • Golden Eye Snapper – This fish has a mild flavor and is very tender! The first time I had it was earlier this year at my favorite sushi restaurant in the town I grew up in in Southern California.
  • Ji Saba (Fresh Mackerel) – This is a lot like frozen saba but with a milder flavor! If you like the frozen saba, you will definitely like it fresh!
  • Katsuo (Skip Jack) – I’m not sure I’ve ever had this before Saturday, but I really enjoyed it! Another mildly oily fish, it also has a texture similar to albacore.
  • Buri (Wild Yellowtail) – I’ve had this many times before, and I was so excited to have it again as it is so delicious! It has a delicious, fatty flavor!
  • Sake (Salmon) – One of my usuals… couldn’t resist getting it again.
  • Hamachi (Yellowtail) – As I have said in the past, Hana is the only place I will order hamachi. Nom nom.
  • Akami (Bluefin) – Bluefin is a huge no-no, but I love it and I don’t have it that often… It’s so delicious and flavorful and better than maguro!
  • Uni (Sea Urchin) – I remembered that it is the winter season, which is the best time of year to eat uni! And it was so sweet and ocean-y and mmmmmmm!
  • Tamago (Sweet Egg) – What a better way to end the meal than with eggs and sugar? Hana’s tamago is the best I’ve ever had, and it will continue to be a favorite of mine in the future.

Well, that about wraps up my Saturday afternoon! I know I’ve said this before, but get your butt over to Hana!

Hana Japanese Restaurant Yelp Page
Hana Japanese Restaurant Website



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