Yummy Sonoma

Helping you decide where and where not to eat!


I love food.  Of course, who doesn’t?  I guess there may be a few crazy people out there, but mostly, I think everyone will agree with me when I say that food is awesome.  I mean, what could be greater than something that provides both nutrition and emotional satisfaction?

I love going out to eat and trying chefs’ latest creations.  I like to think that I have a good palate and high standards.  So what topic could be better than myself ranting or raving about restaurants?  And are there many locations in the USA that are better to do so?  Sonoma County is at the heart of wine country and is also home to many small, sustainable and/or organic farms.  There are several restaurants in Sonoma County that thrive on the local agriculture.  To name a few, there is Backyard in Forestville, Applewood Inn in, and Zazu in Sebastopol (previously in Santa Rosa).

In addition to the many farm-to-tablesque, California-cuisine-type restaurants, there are several great ethnic options to choose from, and I love some exotic ethnic cuisine.  Mai Vietnamese in Cotati serves some of the most delicious Pho I’ve ever tasted.  Hana Japanese Restaurant in Rohnert Park is easily the best Japanese restaurant in Sonoma County, and arguably one of the top 10 in the entire Bay Area.  Abyssinia in Santa Rosa features some awesome Ethiopian cuisine, which is becoming more and more popular.

And then of course we have our good ole ‘Murican type restaurants where one can chow down on a fried chicken sandwich, a burger, or a slice or two of pizza.  Sit around at Mike’s at the Crossroads in Cotati to enjoy a beer and a juicy, rare, certified-humane burger.  Check out NY Pie on 4th St. in Santa Rosa for a great New York-style pizza.  And of course who can forget Santa Rosa’s Russian River Brewing Company, with everything bar-food, from ham sandwiches to hot wings.  They’ve got some great brews, too.

Looking for dessert?  For a homemade, HFCS-free, frozen treat, give Mimi’s in Sebastopol a try.  Are you a frosting-aholic?  Sift Cupcake and Dessert Bar can help you there!  And how about a fruity pastry?!  Enjoy a slice of a strawberry rhubarb pie from Petaluma Pie Company.

This blog is about my experiences at the many great restaurants in Sonoma County.  Most of the restaurants I discuss and share have already received the Susie Stamp of Approval.  Those which I will be encountering for the first time I may or may not love, and let me tell you, I am harsh on restaurants I do not love!

So enjoy my ramblings.  And I hope you try out some of my recommendations!  Here’s to happy eating!


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