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Hana Japanese Restaurant Slideshow

So this is just a precursor to my eventual review of Hana. But anyway, anyone who knows me knows very well that I’m overly pretentious (isn’t all kind of pretentiousness overly pretentious?) when it comes to sushi. If a restaurant serves me horrible traditional sushi (nigiri and very simple maki), I will rip them a new one. On Yelp.

More on that later.

This is a slideshow of many of the photos I have taken at Hana Japanese Restaurant in Rohnert Park. And you will probably see them again at a later date. Enjoy. 🙂


Curious (& Mean) Baby Chickens

Dana and I got some new meat chickens about a week ago. Yes, I know, how could we possibly eat anything so cute. It’s quite simple, really: they’re delicious.

So here is an extra horrible video for you to attempt to enjoy. DON’T FAIL ME. ENJOY IT.

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